man-607478_1280Epilepsy is a common condition that affects approximately 1 in 103 people in the UK.  It is usually diagnosed in childhood and in people over the age of 65, but it can affect any one. The outward signs of epilepsy are known as seizures, and these are caused by too much electrical activity in groups of neurons in the brain.

For sufferers of epilepsy, life can sometimes be unpredictable and the fear of a seizure is a constant worry and concern to both the person suffering from epilepsy and their family / carers.

Cared Direct 247 have a range of solutions to assist epilepsy sufferers

iVi Fall Detector

ivi-fall-detector-image-6The iVi Fall Detector is a small lightweight device and like our other pendants, the iVi fall detector allows the user to press a help button to generate an alarm call when help is needed from anywhere in their home, 24 hours a day.  The iVi fall detector also provides an added layer of protection by automatically generating a call for help & assistance if a fall is detected and the user is unable to push the help button.  The iVi fall detector has various wearing options, neckcord, brooch clip and belt clip.

The iVi fall detector is ideal for:

  • Older users and those with disabilities who are becoming progressively less stable
  • Individuals who have been discharged from  hospital and require additional support
  • People working alone / People with medical conditions such as epilepsy or diabetes

Product Features –

  • Lightweight, discreet, unisex design
  • Cancellation button enabling the user to cancel activations if required
  • Water resistant, enabling the iVi fall detector to be worn in the bathroom
  • Automatic low battery warning
  • Long-life, replaceable battery

Vibby Fall Detector

The Vibby is a sleek, contemporary and technologically advanced fall detector which can be worn on the wrist or around the neck. It will automatically raise an alert if it senses the user has fallen, and also enables the wearer to easily call for help manually.
The Vibby can give confidence to anyone who is at risk of falling, such as people with limited mobility, older people and people with long-term conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

• Automatic fall detection alert
• Additional manual trigger to raise fall alert
• Vibration and LED light confirmation
• Easily cancelled alerts to minimise false alarms
• Waterproof and shock resistant wearable device
• Hypoallergenic plastic
• Replaceable battery and auto low battery reporting
• 50m range from hub
Vibby uses advanced technology to provide a range of benefits to increase wellbeing:
• Peace of mind for individuals, family members and carers
• Added confidence for people living independently
• Quicker response times to attend to serious falls
• False alarms reduced with automatic cancellation if the wearer gets up within 20 seconds
• Contact and support with monitoring centre and carers

Bedside Companion System

The Bedside Monitor unit is capable of detecting spasm induced bed movement, sounds associated with distress and bed vacation by the addition of the necessary sensors. Any distress condition is immediately communicated to either the carer pager, or by wired connection to a Nurse Call.

Bed Guardian System

guardian-monitor-epilepsy-sensorThe Bed Guardian’s Advanced Multifunction monitor integrates many monitoring functions to support those with health conditions such as Epilepsy, into a single compact device.

In the event of an alarm condition a high visibility red alarm light flashes on the top of the monitor. There are several screen displays, which provide details and allow adjustment of the various monitor functions. The alarm can be sent to the pager, or can activate a Nurse Call System.

Movement Sensor

The sensor plate under the mattress can detect cessation of, or abnormal shallow movement patterns that might indicate a tonic seizure.


The same sensor plate also detects excessive motion and analyses the size, frequency and time duration of the movement to detect potential clonic spasms.

Vomit and Urination

A thin cotton sheet with embedded sensing wires is placed on top of the mattress or pillow to detect any release of fluid, including dribbling, vomiting or urination.

Bed Vacation

Arrange of sensors can be used to detect an occupant in the bed, to suit different beds and lifestyles, and disable movement sensing on vacation. It can also send an alarm
should the user fail to return within an acceptable period.

External Alarms

The Advanced Multifunction monitor unit can also be fitted with the Radio Alarm Receiver so that it can become a link into Nurse Call for the Fall Alarm Badge or any other Alert-iT monitors.

Epi-Care Free Wrist Sensor

The Epi-Care is an easy to use, lightweight, discreet sensor worn on the wrist. The advanced technology is able to detect convulsions and vibrations that occur during tonic-clonic seizures.

It can be configured so that the watch communicates wirelessly with an android smartphone, or, with a control unit that is placed centrally in the home, meaning you are free to move around and live life, whilst the sensor constantly monitors your movements.