TeleHealth Services from CareDirect247Feedback from patients using TeleHealth has been very positive. Here are some of the benefits they have experienced:

  • Added peace of mind that their condition is being monitored
  • Greater understanding of their condition and how to manage it
  • Greater freedom to get on with their day-to-day lives without the fear that their condition is deteriorating
  • Less risk of unplanned admissions to hospital
  • Less need to have contact with a clinician if their condition is stable
  • Reduced anxiety for their carers and family
  • Easy to use equipment

TeleHealth supports independent living, enhances quality of life and empowers patients to take control over their lives and is cost effective.

TeleHealth allows for faster diagnosis and intervention by our clinical team and has the ability to generate reports showing trends of your clinical variables allowing your health professional to assess your condition over a period of time.

TeleHealth not only benefits the patient by reducing visits to hospital and providing reassurance but also enables the patient to better understand and manage their condition.

The benefits of TeleHealth include:

• Better outcomes; avoiding exacerbations and hospitalisations
• Improved quality of life; fewer GP appointments and hospital admissions
• Improved education, independence and self-management
• Reduced anxiety levels and the reassurance that their health is being monitored at regular intervals.