Who are lone workers and what jobs do they do?

Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision.

Lone Workers are people working in fixed establishments

  • People working alone in premises, eg in small workshops, petrol stations, kiosks or shops.
  • People who work from home.
  • People working separately from others, eg in factories, warehouses, leisure centres.
  • People working outside normal hours, eg cleaners and security, production, maintenance or repair staff.


Lone Workers are people working away from their fixed base

  • Workers involved in construction, plant installation, maintenance and cleaning work, electrical repairs, lift repairs, painting and decorating or vehicle recovery.
  • Agricultural and forestry workers.
  • Service workers, eg rent collectors, postal staff, social workers, home helps, doctors, district nurses, pest control workers, drivers, engineers, architects, estate agents, sales representatives and similar professionals visiting domestic and commercial premises.


Lone working can be both intimidating and at times dangerous, so the protection of lone workers involves a twofold approach; not only to provide safeguards but also to offer reassurance to the people involved.

Benefits of personal safety alarms for Lone Workers

  • Personal safety alarms can be easily transferred between users at no cost.
  • GPS technology allows them to be taken anywhere – not limited to the home.
  • No costly installation fees.
  • Locate the personal safety device via an online map or mobile phone.
  • Device can call and send its location to a carer, employer, or directly to our 24 hour monitoring centre.
  • Update user’s information such as medical conditions and emergency contacts in real-time, 24/7

Care Clip

The Care Clip is a monitoring device designed with you and your family in mind.

The Care Clip is a wearable emergency alarm that can be beneficial to a wide range of people in a wide range of situations, such as the elderly who may be at risk of wandering, people working alone – lone workers, those with a disability or those working in hazardous working environments.  The Care Clip is simple to use therefore it can be carried and used by anyone who is concerned about their personal safety.

It can provide you with the peace of mind that help is always nearby, with or without the need of pressing a button.

This modern, wearable unit can be clipped onto clothing anywhere or worn as a lanyard around your neck. It is flexible enough to suit your own individual needs.

The alert button is easy to reach with ease of access for situations when you find yourself in need of a helping hand.

The direct 2-way voice communication to our monitoring centre is just a touch of a button away.

Designed for maximum functionality and discretion

·         Panic Button
Allows the user contact the monitoring centre 24/7

·         Location Services
GPS & LBS, Home location hard coding, Voice, Breadcrumbs

·         Safe Zone
Ensure users are out of harm’s way

·         Two Way Comms
Reassure user that help is on the way in an emergency

·         Medication reminder
Proactively prompt users, Removes dependence on end user for success

·         Fall Detection
Ensures Rapid Intervention, Reduce risk of future falls, Criticality levels

·         Activity Analysis
Feed into care plan, Support primary care providers

·         Real time tracking
Relays real time location tracking information to dashboard users through our app.

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