well-being01Through a Daily Telephone Call we can check on:
• Your well being
• Remind you to take your prescribed medication
• Remind you of your hospital appointments
• Give Information on healthy and enjoyable activities happening in your area



Care Direct 24/7 offers and provides a befriending service to our clients in the format of Well-Being calls. Our operators will call you at a designated time to confirm your well-being and to have a chat, if we identify a problem or are concerned we will signpost you to the appropriate services and /or contact one of your named contacts.

If at any time our operators detect that you are in difficulty or if they are unable to obtain voice contact, we will escalate the call according to your individual plan.
We have found our Well-Being Calls Service to be very beneficial especially to those clients who live in rural areas, in social isolation, suffering from depression as our call may be the only contact the client may have the whole day.

Care Direct 24/7 Well-Being service is primarily aimed at people who are over the age of 65 and either live alone or spend a large amount of time on their own with nobody else to talk to.

The service is run by a dedicated team of befrienders who are there to have a friendly chat and to listen to the clients. All calls are made by our team and generally last between 5-10 minutes per call.

The Care Direct 24/7 team can also assist in the following matters:

• Reminders of the need to take medication
• Reminders of upcoming appointments
• Arranging transport for attending clinics or hospital appointments
• Personal Alarms / Personal Safety
• Sign posting to other services which may be of benefit to the client e.g. Day Care Services, Citizens Information, Rural Transport etc.

Our Well-Being Call service is a strictly confidential service. We only record minimal information about the client, and all data held is protected under the Data Protection Act.
During periods of very cold weather our operators contact our clients to ensure they have taken the appropriate measures to counteract the cold weather and advise accordingly such as putting on heavier clothes, extra layers of clothing, having regular hot drinks and meals and to ensure all doors and windows are closed correctly. Upon speaking with the client our operators can identify those most at risk and will call the named contact and ask them to visit to check the home situation.

Not having someone to talk to regularly can be lonely and isolating, particularly if you’re used to sharing your home and time with family & friends. A friendly chat on the phone at a time that suits you can make all the difference.

Our Well-being Calls can benefit people who could be:
• Living alone
• Living away from their family & friends
• Socially isolated or lonely
• Recently bereaved
• Caring for someone
• Isolated from their community due to health problems
• Recently out of hospital
• Experiencing a significant change to their daily living routine
• Assessed as benefiting from the service

While the Well-being Call service is geared towards older persons and the vulnerable the service can be used by anyone in the community who is living in isolation.