TeleHealth Services from CareDirect247TeleHealth involves a small electronic base unit, roughly the size of a telephone, being connected to the telephone line in your home. You will also receive a range of devices that connect wirelessly to the unit.

Depending on your medical condition, these devices can take and record your readings such as:

• blood pressure
• oxygen levels
• blood glucose levels
• heart rhythm
• weight
• pulse
• temperature

The base unit is also programmed to ask you questions about your general health and well-being and will provide you with some education relating to your medical condition.

Most patients carry out a daily session using their TeleHealth system. Each time you use the system, your readings are sent automatically and securely to our 24 hour monitoring centre where any abnormal readings are identified immediately. When this happens our clinical triage nurse will contact you directly to assess your condition and intervene as necessary.

TeleHealth involves using remote monitoring devices in the patient’s home to pro-actively measure physiological signs such as blood pressure, pulse, blood glucose, temperature or blood oxygen levels. Patients send their measurements electronically to our 24 hour monitoring service and these are triaged by our clinical team. Measurements outside the individuals set parameter, triggers an alert and a member of our clinical triage will phone the patient out to confirm measurements and to check on their well-being.