Pendant Alarms are the perfect solution for elderly or vulnerable people living on their own. They offer unparalleled peace of mind with minimal intrusion. If you are worried about your own safety, or that of a loved one, a Pendant Alarm is perfect for you.

A pendant alarm can be a life saver, such as in the event of an accident, a fall or any other social emergency.  It can be pressed in any situation at any time 24 hours a day when you need help and cannot reach a telephone.

Pendant alarms have been proven to be extremely effective. They work as follows:

  • The user of the alarm needs help, so they activate the pendant they are wearing by simply pressing the button.
  • An alarm call is received by our 24 hour monitoring centre.
  • Our monitoring centre Telecare operators communicate with the alarm user by speaking to them over the loudspeaker on the alarm.
  • The monitoring centre then arrange help in the form of family, neighbours or the emergency services.

The personal pendant or the alarm button can be worn as a pendant, a wristband or clipped to a belt. When activated, it connects wirelessly to a base unit, usually located in the hall way or bedroom. The base unit immediately sends a call to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre where our skilled and professional operators will speak to you. The button transmits to a range of around 80 metres from the base unit, enabling the user to wear the pendant outside their home in the garden, ensuring continuous peace of mind when you are in the home or outside.